NEEM PLANT: Nature’s drug store.

BOTANICAL NAME: Azadirachta indica
COMMON NAME: Dogonyaro
FAMILY: Meliaceae

This plant is an evergreen tree indigenous(native) to India and widely planted throughout Australia,Asia and Africa. It’s made up of close to 40 phytochemicals collectively called LIMINOIDS. These chemicals work together producing a synergistic effect which is responsible for the numerous benefits gotten from this tree. As scientist researched on this plant they found that although the phytochemicals are present in almost all parts of the plant,the location,production and collection of these chemicals occur in the “secretory cells” and these cells are found mostly in the seed kernels from which the […]


Serums are ultra-intensive,heavy lifting,lightweight formulas that infuse the skin with a deep concentration of moisture and nutrients. They contain skin penetrating micro-nutrients and active ingredients that have beneath-the-surface jobs to do like promoting cell turnover and collagen boosting. Serums are water based eliminating lubricating,thickening and air tight ingredients such as petrolatum, mineral oil, nuts, seed oils e.t.c which keep water from evaporating, thereby making them fast absorbing.

Difference between a serum and a moisturizer.

A moisturizer has larger molecules than a serum so it can’t penetrate the skin as far as a serum will; while serums deposit nutrients into deeper layers […]

Sunscreen: An important part of anti-aging skin care

We most often ignore the role of sunscreen in our daily skin care routine. Research shows that the no.1 cause of 95% of wrinkles and premature aging in men and women is the sun’s UVA light,even at very low exposures this UVA light breaks down collagen(the main structural protein in our various connective tissues that holds the whole body together) thereby causing wrinkles to appear. This can be prevented by the regular application of sunscreens and using antioxidants like vitamin c which helps with the maintenance and formation of intercellular collagen.

WHAT ARE SUNSCREENS? These are pharmaceutical products formulated to protect […]