Skin lightening

The skin takes 4 to 8 weeks for a total cellular regeneration of renewed skin layers. When lightening the skin,CONSISTENCY AND PATIENCE is key. Application of safe skin lightening products manage the damaged melanocyte cells to decrease the over production of melanin(the pigment that gives the skin its colour) and that makes the skin’s dark color to gradually lighten into an evened out natural lighter skin tone.

As you use the products continuously over and over,the cycle is repeated over and over with less melanin after each cycle.

NOTE:THERE IS NO safe overnight remedy(SLEEP DARK,WAKE UP WHITE) to a lighter even skin […]

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New recipe alert! Soothing Oats and citrus body cream

I have chosen the ingredients for this natural body cream recipe because oats help to soothe irritated skin,inflammation and sunburns, sweet almond oil contains a high amount of vitamin e which helps nourish and maintain the skin’s elasticity, tangerine essential promotes cell regeneration i.e It helps to replace damaged skin cells thereby speeding up healing and recovery of wounds and glycerine provides natural moisture to the skin.

Basic Equipments
Heat proof bowls and containers
Stick blender


INGREDIENTS                                                       […]

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A 1 day intensive hand on practical training in natural skin care formulation

Learn to formulate skin care products(Lightening,anti-aging) from scratch using safe and natural ingredients(soap,scrubs,lotion e.t.c)

Nutrition(the role of diet in skin lightening)

Anti-aging tips and recipes

Developing an effective skin care regimen.

Free Comprehensive health profile test

Free Natural skin care manual

Refreshments(cake,wine e.t.c)

Get to take home samples of products made during the class

Get together,meet different people,have fun,create lovely products.

You can’t afford to miss this opportunity.

Date: Sat 25th of June


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Orange peels: Do you still discard them?

Some days back I approached one of the orange sellers to ask for the peels of the oranges,and the guy looked at me with a frown on his face like ‘what’s wrong with this lady’? I didn’t blame him for his reaction (Everyone was buying oranges and I was asking for the peels),and then I realised a lot of people discard the peels of their oranges, I used to do that until I discovered the amazing benefits of citrus peels in skin care.

The peels of oranges contain; Twice the amount of vitamin c in the juicy pulp of the fruit,which […]

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My staple harmattan products.

Sorry for my long silence Divas… so I travelled to my home town(nnobi(alanso)one beautiful village located in one of the eastern states of nigeria #winks#) and the weather wasn’t in the least friendly. These three products were amazing The AHA exfoliating black soap is enriched with papaya,turmeric and citrus plants to slough off scaly,dead skin cells,brighten and freshen the skin,lavender and ylang ylang oils to soothe,calm and balance my skin’s production of sebum. The Coconut body soufflé oooooh so yummy. This luxurious body butter kept my skin hydrated all day and that’s how I was able to pull […]

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Bridal Makeup

My 2nd of January 2016 bride. So she was my first bride for the year,it took me about 30mins to achieve this look…

Products used:

Eyes: BH day and night pallette,Milani fierce foil eyeshine,Nyx eye primer,elf brow treat an tame,Heggai and Esther brow gel in nubia,Davis pencil in 040,Classic mascara,elf gel liner.

Face: L.A girl face primer,mary kay foundation in bronze 507,Zaron cream to powder foundation,Zaron mattifying powder,milani baked bronzer.

Lips: random lip liner and lipstick found in my box.



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