Customizing African Black Soap Masterclass

Secrets to Crafting Consistent and Effective African Black Soap Batches … Like a Pro

  • Do you struggle with customizing black soap to suit different skin types, hair types, or conditions?
  • Are you still following old or outdated techniques when customizing your black soap?
  • Would you like to acquire the skills for creating consistent & effective batches of African black soap?
  • Without wasting money, or jump from one trainer to another, ever again?
  • And much faster than trying to do it alone.

If on some days, your black soap formulation comes out so well and you love it.

While on other days, you just can't seem to get it right, even with the same ingredients.

And you wonder what you did wrong.

Then, I want to share with you my techniques for:

  • Creating Consistent Black Soap Batches...
  • And Unique African Black Soap Products.
about the author

Hi, My Name Is Sommie.

  • I’m A Cosmetic Chemist. (COPY BIO FROM EBOOKS)
  • I've Helped Over 500 Cosmetic Formulators Learn The Art Of Customizing The Treasured African Black Soap In A Unique Style To Suit Different Purposes, Skin Types, And Conditions…
  • With This Black Soap Knowledge, A Lot Of These Formulators Have Gone On To Launch Different Thriving Niche Cosmetic Brands...

What problems does ABS Masterclass address

90% of Formulators started their formulation journeys with “DIY” (Do It Yourself).

The issue with DIY is that it focuses on mixing ingredients without taking consistency of ingredients into consideration.

Most DIYers put ingredients together in an unmeasured and imprecise manner – not different from local market sellers that sell herbs and mix black soap!

This often results into a problems like:

  • Spoilage: where your black soap starts to stink...
  • Product instability
  • Lack of consistency: one day, your liquid black soap is very thick, and another day it's very watery...
  • Complaints of skin irritation - burning, drying, break outs etc.

Many seasoned formulators admit that even with their in-depth knowledge of cosmetic formulation, they still struggle with customizing African black soap to achieve batch-to-batch consistency...

This is because most black soap trainings teach students with inconsistent measurements i.e. using cups and spoons to mix their recipes.

Some trainings simply give you specific recipes with no detailed instructions on how you can create your own unique black soap products to suit different purposes.

Learning to mix black soap without understanding the basics of soap chemistry can lead to more problems like wastage of time & money, wastage of ingredients and inconsistent batches!

What is the Online Customizing African Black Soap Training?

Every serious formulator interested in crafting black soap has to take her time to master the science and art of creating their own unique black soap cleansers.

As a smart formulator, you must find detailed instructions you need to create your own unique, stable African black soap cleansers, for various skin and hair types.

While most trainings are focused on teaching basic mixing or giving particular recipes, or worse, pro-mixing with steroids and harmful concentrations of cosmeceuticals…

You can master of art and science of making effective black soaps...and supercharge your confidence at customizing your own unique cleansers.

Beyond mixing black soap or copying recipes...

  • You need to learn effective preservation,
  • various methods of incorporating plants into your African black soap.
  • how to choose the best ingredients to suit your purpose for formulating.

And that’s what my 2 weeks Online Workshop “CUSTOMIZING AFRICAN BLACK SOAP” Teaches You.

What happens when you follow the Masterclass?

In short:

It allows you to Go Beyond Basic Mixing and Recipes

It enables you to Start Crafting Your Own Custom Range Of Black Soap Cleansers.

It helps you craft Products for Different Skin Types.

It supercharges your confidence at customizing your own unique cleansers.

It helps you to create consistent batches of black soap without tears.

You gain your customers trust because you can give them consistent products.

And much more...

IMAGE HERE: Make better products > Clients are satisfied > more revenue

Imagine Mastering The Art Of Crafting Unique Black Soap Cleansers That Are Totally Different From What Other Brands Are Doing!

Imagine Being Able To Create Different Forms Of Products To Help People Meet Their Skin And Hair Care Needs..

Imagine Being Confident About Customizing African Black Soap And Not Getting Confused By All The Misinformation On The Internet!

Imagine Being Able To Incorporate Your Favorite Indigenous Plants Into Your Black Soap Cleansers Without Fear Of Spoilage!

Finally Imagine Being Able To Make Money By Being The Brand That Offers EXQUISITE African Black Soap Products!​

Customizing African Black Soaps gets results like this.

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Who’s this for?

Beginner Formulators: if you are just starting out on your formulation journey, this masterclass will walk you through everything in an easy to apply format. The goal is to get you started – not confuse you with industry terms.

Experienced Formulators: If you want to offer more value to your customers but you’ve had issues working with African black soap in the past, or you want to improve your knowledge of crafting products with ABS – this is for you.

​What will you be learning?

The "Customizing African Black Soap Online Masterclass" is a 2 Weeks Online Workshop,

Here’s Everything You’ll Be Learning…

Formulate a high-performance black soap cleanser from scratch… even if you’ve never crafted a single skin care product in your life

The xx step process that can turn even a newbie formulator into a black soap specialist… (when followed in order) [step-by-step]

The xx myths about African black soap you absolutely must unlearn & avoid…

The xx most important steps to follow before you begin customizing any black soap cleanser

My 3 signature, easy to follow method for re-batching African black soap

Xx effective ways to achieve unique textures for black soaps…

The best methods of incorporating plant materials, botanicals and ingredients into your black soap for maximum efficacy.

The smart formulator’s secret to creating a consistent batch of African black soap

Plus...2 practical formulation videos showing you how to create your own liquid washes and skin brightening black soap paste.

​Here’s what you get

So when you enroll in the Customizing African Black Soap Workshop, you’re going to be getting the following:​

The Customizing African Black Soap Masterclass (3 HOUR AFRICAN BLACK SOAP WORKSHOP)

You get instant access to all of my processes and strategies for transforming your African black Soap formulation skills.

This alone is worth N40,000 Value


The first which is my African black soap eBook goes into details about

all you need to know about customizing African black soap for various skin types and conditions,

Choosing The plants and different ingredients you need for your customization,

Achieving different textures

Choosing a preservative etc.

It also contains different sample black soap formulas and basic formulation math to enable you calculate effectively to achieve consistency and scale up your batch size.

₦ X,000 VALUE


And finally you get access to two practical videos which you can watch to bring all the theory ideas to live and will serve as a practical guide to help you create yours

to two practical videos where you’ll watch me create:

a skin brightening black soap paste and

​a Liquid black soap cleanser

You can begin getting badass results, as soon as you start applying what you’ve learnt… into your African black soap formulations!

Get instant access

The entire Black Soap Workshop, The 2 Practical Videos And The Black Soap eBook Normally costs N60,000.

But I'd like to offer you a 20,000 naira discount for today.

You can purchase by clicking the blue button below.




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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do I gain access to this workshop?

As soon as you place your order, you'll be directed to register with your email address.

After which, you will then use your login details to gain access to the private members area.

The entire course is ready for you instantly, you don't have to wait days weeks or months for every module to be released.

You get access to everything as soon as you buy.

​Who is this course for and will it work for me?

Beginner and Intermediate

The truth is whether you’re interested in launching a brand or not, as long as you’re interested in customizing African black soap the right way, then this course is for you.

​I’ve received amazing reviews from various students who took this course. There are 3 types of people who can use this course:

  • Brands: from formulators who launched their brands afterwards
  • Mothers: to mothers who started creating gentle black soap cleansers for their children
  • Formulators: to people who customized black soap to suit their personal skin and hair care needs.

So this will definitely for everyone interested in learning to customize black soap the right way.​

​How will I get all the ingredients I need?

​If you're wondering how will I get all the ingredients I’ll need.

Will 2 weeks be enough for me to complete the entire workshop?


​If you dedicate one hour each day, you’ll complete the entire class in less than 2 weeks.

​And you can begin implementing everything you’ve learnt.

How long will it take for me to implement what I’ve learnt?

​30 minute each day.

It shouldn't take you any time at all to practice what you learn.

Just investing about 30 mins or less every day is enough to get you started​.


What if I still have lingering doubts?

​If you still have lingering doubts, you really have three options:

Option 1: Doing nothing

​This means you don’t take any action. But this is not what you want because doing nothing means you end up tomorrow where you are today.

Trust me, that’s definitely not where you want to be - nothing will change until you make a decision.

And nothing will differentiate you from the market sellers that sell herbs and mix black soap in an unmeasured manner!

​Option 2: Trying to learn it on your own

​While learning on your own is possible, can you put a price on your time and your peace of mind?

​If you decide to take the route of learning on your own, not only will it take you years of experimenting to perfect your skills, but you will waste a lot of valuable time and ingredients to figure it out on your own.

Time you could be spending to create rich black soap products…

Again can you put a price on the value your time and peace of mind?

Option 3: Learning from someone with expertise and years of experience

Acquiring the skills of customizing black soap becomes easy when you take advantage of the years of experience and expertise of others to shorten and shortcut your own learning.

You will easily shave off years from your learning, avoid countless heartbreaks and escape wastage of raw ingredients. Not only that, you will sidestep costly mistakes also.

So the only real option here for you is option three.

You will learn how to customize different forms of safe, effective and unique black soap cleansers for different skin and hair needs so that you can finally start creating wonderful black soap formulations, launch your brand and start making massive sales.​


My successful formulation students believe in my work

More that 200 formulators are using the ABS workshop training to create custom black soaps for a wide range of skins.

Here's what they are saying.​

If you're still on the fence just remember what this course is meant to do... it's designed to help you acquire and hone your black soap customization skills to enable you start customizing black soap at an enviable level, higher than what every other person is doing.

It's designed to boost your confidence because you'll unlearn all the myths and misconceptions surrounding African black soap and you’ll have access to the very best information you need right now.

It's designed to help you make money from monetizing the formulation skills you’re acquiring.


Without Needing Extensive Experience Formulating Products...

[[Even If You’ve Never Formulated Cosmetic Products Before! ; Even If You’ve Have Been Getting Inconsistent Result in the Past! ; Even If You’ve Been Struggling To Customize Black Soap For Different Skin Types Or Conditions!]]

Without Needing A Background in Formulating Or Being An Expert Formulator...

Without Having To Spend A Ton On Ingredients...

Without Having To Waste Money On Fake And Harmful Cosmeceuticals...