Discover How To Design Foaming Facial Cleaners Like a Pro...

Plus 4 Tips for Making the Best Surfactant Selections.

DO you struggle with formulating Surfactant Based Facial Cleansers?

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Here are some of the issues formulators experience when making surfactant based facial cleansers:

  • ​Face wash separating with the gum layer on top.
  • A Clear Face wash suddenly turns milky and stops foaming.
  • Client starts breaking out after using the face wash.
  • Skin feels dry and tight after washing.
  • No thickening method seems to be working for you

What if I told you that one of the biggest mistakes many formulators make when formulating surfactant based cleansers is focusing solely on the ionic charge of the surfactant?


Beyond the ionic charge of surfactants, there are many other factors to consider when formulating surfactant based face washes.

So I'll be having a class where I'll be demystifying working with surfactants. And I’ll be teaching my signature strategies for making the best surfactant selections in the upcoming class on



In this class, you will learn:

Anatomy of surfactant based facial cleansers

To enable to know the exact ingredients you need to build your own formula.

Formulation requirements of different classes of surfactants

You'll learn the formulation requirement for 3 major classes of surfactants.

Tips to improving mildness

Learn how to reduce the irritation potential of surfactant based face wash.

Tips to making the best surfactant selections.

You'll learn 4 important tips that will help you make the best surfactant selection for you formulations.

Incorporating cosmeceuticals and high performance ingredients

You'll learn the best way to incorporate cosmeceutical and high performance ingredients to enable you formulate products to suit different skin conditions.

Thickening your facial cleansers.

Different methods of thickening your surfactant based face washes.

Plus 3 Bonus Face Cleansers Formulas

Turmeric Brightening Face Wash
2-in-1 Exfoliating Face Wash
Refreshing Micellar Water
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My perception towards quality has changed. I can research better, I look at things differently. I still have a long way to go as learning never ends but I'm so much better than I was a few months ago before I enrolled with you. God bless you.

Bukky O.

I wish people will realize that you didn't just give information but you gave evidence based knowledge in a meticulously organized package. Every moment was worth it. My eyes cleared and my scattered confusions were relieved.

B. Lather
Skincare Formulator

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