BOTANICAL NAME: Azadirachta indica
COMMON NAME: Dogonyaro
FAMILY: Meliaceae
This plant is an evergreen tree indigenous(native) to India and widely planted throughout Australia,Asia and Africa. It’s made up of close to 40 phytochemicals collectively called LIMINOIDS. These chemicals work together producing a synergistic effect which is responsible for the numerous benefits gotten from this tree. As scientist researched on this plant they found that although the phytochemicals are present in almost all parts of the plant,the location,production and collection of these chemicals occur in the “secretory cells” and these cells are found mostly in the seed kernels from which the oil is harvested. This oil contains essential amino acids,vital nutrients,calcium and carotenoids (antioxidant). It also has antiviral, antifungal,antibacterial properties.
* It’s effective in eliminating bacteria and fungal infections and it’s also useful in the treatment of some skin conditions  (acne,tinea versicolor,psoriasis,athlete foot e.t.c ).
* It gets rid of dandruff and maintains a healthy hair.
* It reduces redness and soothes inflammation
* gogoyaroThe oil is a natural mosquito repellant.
* It can lighten scars and pigmentation.
No wonder the Indians refer to it as “The Village Pharmacy”/Nature’s drug store/Sacred tree/ Panacea for all diseases.
CONTRAINDICATIONS. Neem has contraceptive properties, it’s an abortifacient,it should not be ingested(taken orally)  by pregnant women and people trying to conceive(both male and female).
KEYWORDS *Antiviral (medication used to treat viral infections.
*Anti-fungal (medication used to treat fungal infections)
*Contraceptive (Prevents implantation/pregnancy)
*Abortifacient (induces miscarriage/abortion)

DIY RECIPE: Crush 20 Neem leaves, boil with 2 cups of water until the quantity of water is reduced then sieve and refrigerate. Use to rinse face morning and night to help with acne…NOTE: This doesn’t contain a preservative,it must be refrigerated and used up within 3 days.(Make fresh small batches often)