I have chosen the ingredients for this natural body cream recipe because oats help to soothe irritated skin,inflammation and sunburns, sweet almond oil contains a high amount of vitamin e which helps nourish and maintain the skin’s elasticity, tangerine essential promotes cell regeneration i.e It helps to replace damaged skin cells thereby speeding up healing and recovery of wounds and glycerine provides natural moisture to the skin.

Basic Equipments
Heat proof bowls and containers
Stick blender


INGREDIENTS                                                                         Water phase

69g Distilled Water

2g Colloidal oats
5g of glycerine

Oil phase
16g Sweet Almond Oil
5g Emulsifying wax

Cool down phase
1g Vitamin E Oil
1g tangerine essential oil
1g Optiphen plus

1). The first step is sanitising your hands,equipments,containers and work area. Do this by cleaning and spraying with rubbing alcohol letting it air dry.

2). Weigh out the oil and water phase in separate heat proof containers.

3)Place the heat proof containers in a pot containing water and allow them to melt

4). When the oil and E wax are completely but only just melted , submerge the stick blender in the oil and slowly add the oats water while blending. Keep blending until your mixture turns into a smooth cream.

5) When the lotion cools down a bit,add the cool down phase (vitamin e oil,essential oil and the preservative )and stir them in well.

6)Spoon the cream into an air-tight container

7) Voila!! Enjoy your cream.


NOTE: Using a preservative in this recipe is NOT optional ..Per adventure you decide to skip adding a preservative, then It MUST be stored in the refrigerator and used up within 1week!!!!