Some days back I approached one of the orange sellers to ask for the peels of the oranges,and the guy looked at me with a frown on his face like ‘what’s wrong with this lady’? I didn’t blame him for his reaction (Everyone was buying oranges and I was asking for the peels),and then I realised a lot of people discard the peels of their oranges, I used to do that until I discovered the amazing benefits of citrus peels in skin care.

The peels of oranges contain; Twice the amount of vitamin c in the juicy pulp of the fruit,which aids in stimulating the production of intercellular collagen(a structural protein which helps in maintaining the skin’s elasticity),tones the skin,prevents wrinkles,prevents and removes spots/hyperpigmentation,boosts the immune system,prevents oxidation (antioxidant),brightens tired and dull skin e.t.c. It also contains Calcium magnesium and potassium which moisturises,hydrates,renews cell growth,calms skin irritation,clears blemishes and acne e.t.c


As a whitening and anti aging face polish: mix dried,powdered orange peels with sandalwood powder, turmeric,chickpea powder and unsweetened yoghurt to form a paste,apply with a bit of pressure to a clean face in circular motions,allow to dry then rinse off thoroughly with warm water.(any remaining polish should be stored in the refrigerator and used up in three days)

As a body brightening scrub: mix the zest of one orange,half a cup of sugar,with 20mls of coconut oil,use after shower to scrub your body then rinse off with warm water. (the zest is gotten by using a grater to scrape the orange peel without letting the white part of the orange get in).(if water is prevented from entering this scrub it can last for 2weeks)

As a brightening/ph balancing toner: soak the peels in acv(apple cider vinegar)leave for two weeks,strain then dilute with 2parts of water or hydrosol e.g witch hazel,rose water e.t.c. pour mixture on a cotton wool and use as a toner to dab your face after shower.(toner would last for 2months refrigerated).

For aromatherapy: Pour powdered orange peel into your bath water to soothe your skin and awaken your senses.

The benefits of orange peels for skin care and health are just too much to be ignored. I add it to my soap,i use the extract for my lotion,toner,i steep and drink it to help clear my lungs e.t.c. So the next time you buy your oranges,do not discard the peels instead Wash,dry,grind into powder form and store them to give your skin a treat.