Serums are ultra-intensive,heavy lifting,lightweight formulas that infuse the skin with a deep concentration of moisture and nutrients. They contain skin penetrating micro-nutrients and active ingredients that have beneath-the-surface jobs to do like promoting cell turnover and collagen boosting. Serums are water based eliminating lubricating,thickening and air tight ingredients such as petrolatum, mineral oil, nuts, seed oils e.t.c which keep water from evaporating, thereby making them fast absorbing.

Difference between a serum and a moisturizer.

A moisturizer has larger molecules than a serum so it can’t penetrate the skin as far as a serum will; while serums deposit nutrients into deeper layers of the skin,moisturizers hydrate the skin and works only on the first layer. The lubricating and thickening agents in creams form a barrier on the skin which is great for locking moisture in,but it can also lock active ingredients out. Finally moisturizers protect the skin while serums repair and change the skin by driving the most potent ingredient deep into it.

Who should use a serum?

Different types of serums are made to suit different skin conditions: these include skin brightening,acne preventing,anti aging,rejuvenating e.t.c. Serums are non-greasy and so do not leave sticky residue behind. It’s great for people with oily skin,those who prefer a weightless feel to their skincare products. People who want to treat a specific problem e.g dark spots,early aging signs,acne e.t.c. Those with mature and dry skin can’t do with just serum. A moisturizer should be used after layering a serum i.e Cleanser Toner¬† Serum Moisturizer….. However if your skin is ok with a normal moisturizer, there’s no need for serum.

Benefits of using a serum.

The molecules in a serum are much smaller and concentrated than those in a regular moisturizer and are formulated to target specific skin problems many layers beneath the skin’s surface e.g reduce fine lines,get rid of dark spots,reduce pores,prevent acne,smooth out wrinkles,brighten up skin,strengthen skin cells,increase skin nourishment and hydration e.t.c. While creams contain 5 – 10% active ingredients, serums contain up to 70%. Serums are loaded with nutrients,glycerine,natural extracts(aloe vera,lemon,cucumber,grapefuit),vitamins(A,B,C,K,E).The benefits of adding a serum to your skin care regime are endless. Contact us to Invest in one today.