The skin takes 4 to 8 weeks for a total cellular regeneration of renewed skin layers. When lightening the skin,CONSISTENCY AND PATIENCE is key. Application of safe skin lightening products manage the damaged melanocyte cells to decrease the over production of melanin(the pigment that gives the skin its colour) and that makes the skin’s dark color to gradually lighten into an evened out natural lighter skin tone.

As you use the products continuously over and over,the cycle is repeated over and over with less melanin after each cycle.

NOTE:THERE IS NO safe overnight remedy(SLEEP DARK,WAKE UP WHITE) to a lighter even skin tone. Any product that gives overnight results has most likely damaged your skin cells and a blotchy uneven skin tone will more than likely be the resultant effect.

Pls ensure you always research and ask questions about the skin lightening products you use! E.g (what Is the active lightening ingredient in the product? What are the possible side effects? Any Contradications ? E.T.C). You deserve the right to know what you’re applying to your skin.

In our workshops we teach you how to make your own skin care products from scratch using safe,plant based and natural ingredients. Stay tuned,more details on workshop coming up soon.