We most often ignore the role of sunscreen in our daily skin care routine. Research shows that the no.1 cause of 95% of wrinkles and premature aging in men and women is the sun’s UVA light,even at very low exposures this UVA light breaks down collagen(the main structural protein in our various connective tissues that holds the whole body together) thereby causing wrinkles to appear. This can be prevented by the regular application of sunscreens and using antioxidants like vitamin c which helps with the maintenance and formation of intercellular collagen.

WHAT ARE SUNSCREENS? These are pharmaceutical products formulated to protect the skin from the harmful UVA & UVB (ultraviolet rays(UVR))of the sun. UVA damages the skin with more long term effects e.g premature aging while UVB causes sunburn.. Sunscreens contain 2 categories of active ingredients which work by either absorbing or blocking the UVR from the skin.


It minimizes the harmful effects of UVR on DNA.

It shields important proteins like collagen,keratin,elastin which is responsible in keeping the skin smooth and firm from breaking down.

It reverses the signs of aging and prevent skin cancers.

It prevents facial brown spots and hyperpigmentation.

It reduces the appearance of facial red veins and blotchiness.


Get your skin protected daily by using a sunscreen after applying  a moisturizer enriched with antioxidants e.g green tea extract,vitamin c,vitamin E,resveratrol,grape seed extracts e.t.c. That way apart from the sun protection you’ll be getting from the sunscreen,you’ll also get your daily dose of antioxidant,get your skin repaired, and keep your skin supple,that way it’s a WIN WIN.. Ingesting foods rich in antioxidants is also helpful (e.g dark chocolate,Cocoa powder,green tea,tomatoes,red wine,apples,red grapes e.t.c)

NOTE: Using a sunscreen is not a license for you to continue spending hours under the sun,and for people trying to brighten/lighten their skin using a sunscreen is INEVITABLE because going out in the sun without SPF increases melanin(pigment responsible for giving the skin it’s dark colour) production and causes darkening/tanning to occur..