I have gotten several mails, requesting for details for the Free Natural Glow Beauty Workshop coming up on June 25th, 2016.
I decided to create this section for your questions, that way you can easily get answers. Hope this helps to answer your questions?
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further clarifications.

1. Is it possible to teach everything about natural skin care formulation in one day?

No it isn’t possible and even if it were possible, it is not possible to learn it all in one day. So here is what we will be teaching:

  • The basics of formulating natural lotion/cream and serum from scratch
  • How to customize your African black soap mix to suit different skin types and conditions.
  • How to make emulsified scrubs
  • Why some ingredients work in certain formulas and why others do not.
  • The general guide on how to choose ingredients to suit the purpose of different skin care formulations
  • Effective natural skin lighteners
  • The role of diet in skin lightening.
  • How to make and use natural fruit acid peels
  • How to develop an effective skin care regimen
  • And much, much more.

2. Is it a theory based training or are we going to attempt to make any product?

It is an intensive hands-on practical class so come prepared to get yourself involved/engaged. Expect to make at least one product each under these categories:

  • Creams/lotion
  • Facial Serum
  • Facial mist/toner
  • Body polish
  • Face mask
  • African black soap mix

You’ll also be taking take each product you make home, to try it on yourself.

3. How much does the workshop cost?

The training is FREE however since we’ll be practicing how to formulate products from scratch and everyone will be taking home samples of the products they make, a small fee of between #4000 will be paid to purchase the ingredients we will be using for practicals.

4. What does the training cost cover?

The training cost covers just the ingredients that we will be using for practicals. Every other thing from the training itself to the light refreshments, manuals, health profile test is FREE.

5. When can payment be made?

I would advise that payment is made immediately. People have started paying and booking their spaces and we’re working strictly on a first pay, first served basis and will close payments once we reach our class size. There’ll be a lot of activities so we want a small class, in other to have a one-on-one experience with everyone.

Please call us – 08171325633 or send us a message on whatsapp – 08063701466 and we will provide you with the link for your online registration and bank account details for payment.

6. Can we do the online registration and pay at the venue?

No we don’t accept payment at the venue! Why? Because the money is for buying ingredients we’ll use for the practicals.

So it has to be paid before the workshop date (as soon as you complete your online registration).

8. When is the deadline for Registration and making payment?

There is no deadline but once we reach our class size, we will no longer be accepting payments!