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Learn unique recipes for making Skincare Products that’ll help your Skin look Youthful, Become Blemish Free, Even-Out Your Skin Tone and make you look more Attractive!

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Workshops & Trainings

Begin your career today to become a Skin care Professional with our wide range of training and workshops. Find out more about the workshops we hold and take your skills to the sky and beyond…

Branded Formulations

Are you hosting an event? A party perhaps! Why not spoil your guests with our range of skin care & beauty products especially designed to repair and bring out that sweet skin tone that is constantly being impacted by harsh weather conditions.

Bespoke Formulations

Indulge your skin to a range of skin care and beauty products specially formulated to meet your exact skin type. We provide you with custom formulations that soothe both your skin and senses at reasonable prices, without breaking the bank.

Even More Awesomeness

Become that awesome person you’ve always wanted to become.

Sommies World
Sommies World

Only the best in natural skin care

Our products are made from the highest grade natural and organic-based ingredients. We delight in providing you with the best experience using our products and formulations on your skin. We promise you’ll have nothing but the best experience working with us.

Truly natural Ingredients

We’re committed to using the Highest Quality of Natural and Organic Plant Based Ingredients.

Skin-Safe Formulations

Our Products are 100% Free of Toxic Ingredients or Harmful Chemicals

Artisan & Bespoke

We customize individual recipes based on skin type, conditions and preferences on demand, just for you. Our Products are Handmade in small batches with care, time and love to ensure maximum freshness.

Fertility friendly

We Pride ourselves in using ingredients that promote and are agreeable to reproductive health and your well being.

Cruelty free

Our products are kind to your skin, animals and the environment. All our ingredients are biodegradable therefore they do not pose any damage to the environment. We also do not support animal testing!

We are Skincare Products Formulators.

What you apply on your skin is of prime importance. We care deeply about what you put on your skin. Every time we see a person use products that damage or cause harm to their skin, it becomes a personal issue for us.

SommiesWorld was born out of a burning desire to formulate and promote the use of safe, natural & organic skin care products using our highest performance ingredients guaranteed to nourish and protect your skin.

Our purpose is:

To provide you with only natural safe and luxurious skin care products which will nourish, protect and pamper your skin.

To bring you quality, intensive yet affordable natural and organic skin care workshops/classes using the most effective teaching techniques and ingredients straight from mother nature.

Minimizing the use of toxic chemicals in an already polluted environment by using Eco-friendly and biodegradable ingredients.


Quality you can trust...

Meet the team

Watch out for these two…

Chisom Omenugha


Chisom, aka Sommie, is the Skin Care brain behind all our operations. It is her passion for Natural Skin Care that fueled the creation of Sommies Line of Products and Services.

The Other Skincare Guru


TOSG co-founded SommiesWorld. The two founders has been working collaboratively to create Awesomeness in the Nigerian Skincare Industry.



We have provided a range of products for diverse set of people from the south-south, south-east and south-western parts of Nigeria. We have had nothing but great testimonies.

Our heart always melts and feels delight when we get great feedback from our clients.

On the right, you can see some of the testimonies we’ve gotten. More to be uploaded…

  • I am seeing the effect of the products you made for me already. Loving my skin as each day passes!

    - Bimbola, Lagos

  • Your products are really nice. I'm gradually seeing the effects. It is working!

    -Steelz, Lagos

  • The blacksoap are nice too. My skin is becoming lighter. Maybe I'll stick to the black soap.

    -Steelz, Lagos

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You can talk to us via our contact details below, or through the contact form. We’d love to hear about your formulation challenges or your training requests.

Diamond Estate, Lagos, Nigeria.

+234 8171 325633

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